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Virginia Aquatics Academy
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3 - 16 years
Group Activity
8 Sessions 30 Days Validity Duration: 60 Mins
AED 450 AED 499

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Are you looking for a fun and personalized way for your child to learn to swim? This class is perfect for you. Our classes are led by experienced and qualified instructors who will work with the child to help reach your swimming goals. We offer classes for beginners, intermediate, and advanced swimmers of all ages.

In the first few classes, your child will embark on a journey of aquatic discovery, focusing on fundamental skills:


Water Confidence: We understand that the water can be intimidating for beginners. Our instructors use gentle, encouraging techniques to help your child build water confidence, ensuring they feel comfortable and secure in the pool.

Basic Strokes: Your child will start learning the building blocks of swimming, including essential strokes like freestyle and backstroke. We emphasize proper technique from the very beginning to lay a strong foundation.

Floating Skills: Floating is a crucial skill in swimming. Our instructors will teach your child effective floating techniques, which are essential for buoyancy and safety in the water.

Pool Safety Awareness: Safety is our utmost priority. In the early classes, your child will be introduced to essential pool safety measures, including entry and exit techniques and awareness of pool rules.

We are dedicated to helping your child not only become a skilled swimmer but also instilling a lifelong love for the water. Join us today, and let's embark on a journey of aquatic excellence together!

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Open for all skill levels

Additional fees and materials

Students must bring their own swimsuit, cap, towel, and goggles to class.

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Virginia Aquatics Academy
Virginia Aquatics Academy

Virginia Aquatics TM is a sports academy established in Dubai UAE . to provide multiple water sports services such as swimming - water polo - aqua aerobics - fin-swimming - synchronized swimming , sports camps , fun days , sports days , after school activities.

Our qualified coaches endeavor to assist our athletics to develop their optimum level of sports performance, a mission that goes beyond practicing physical sports . We focus to educate independent, self-confident young ind .. ividuals, by teaching them skills that will help them to accomplish whatever they aspire to attain"

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