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Malhaar Centre For Performing Arts’ aim is not only to provide training but also groom students to become complete performing artistes. “The idea is to learn from mentors, observe the Maestros and perform with peers,” says Jogiraj Sikidar, the founder-director of Malhaar Centre for Performing Arts.

Malhaar is the first and largest non-profit, performing ensemble of expat artists in the UAE; sharing India’s rich and diverse artistic heritage with global music connoisseurs. .. Established in 2008, Malhaar has today over 100 musicians, dancers, theatre persons and other performing artists from across the sub-continent, numerous artistic collaborations and many successful shows to its credit.

Our purpose and passion is to provide a unique and credible platform to UAE-based expat South Asian musicians and performing artists with exceptional talents to collaborate and create original, inspiring musical experiences for global audiences.

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