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Chess Classes


Find chess classes near you. Book chess lessons online.

Learn chess from masters experienced in teaching beginners and skilled players. Book chess classes in Dubai for both adults and children. Learn tips and strategies to level up your game. Both in-person and online, group and private chess classes tailored to students of all ages are available. Book a chess session.


Advantages of Playing Chess

Chess is a particularly successful educational tool. It can similarly challenge the brains of girls and boys, skilled and normal, athletic and non-athletic, rich and poor.

Below are the following advantages of chess:

  •  Chess Develops Problems Solving Skills 

  • Playing Chess Can Raise Your IQ

  • Playing Chess Uses the different sides of Your Brain 

  • Chess Helps with Strategy Thinking 

  • Chess Improves Your Attention Span

  • Chess Improves Your Memory 

  • Chess causes you to Concentrate

  • Playing Chess will gain confidence & develop sportsmanship


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