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Crochet Collectibles
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2 Sessions 30 Days Validity Duration: 90 Mins
AED 235

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Interested in learning crochet? Train your creative hands to work seamlessly with hook and needle in this introductory class. Learning the basics of this craft lays foundation for the millions of patterns and future projects you can create from mug coasters, bag, and even adorable toys! In 3 private sessions (1 hour per session), you will learn: 1. Beginning chain, 2. Single Crochet, 3. Half Double Crochet, 4. Double Crochet, 5. Popcorn stitch, 6. Front post stitch, 7. Back post stitch

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Female only class. No prior experience needed

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Bring you own crochet set. Instructor can advice you on where to buy

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Crochet Collectibles
Crochet Collectibles

Anjana Bhatia is an IT Business Analyst by profession an avid crocheter by passion. She is part of the group who has gained a Guinness World Record when they created the largest crochet blanket in 2016. She has been crocheting for more than 30 years and loves to teach this therapeutic craft to people who love to make their own gifts.

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